Communicate value through rich video, animation and sound


Pictures in motion, one of the most powerful forms of communication to date and growing in its impact with the advent of social and online media. If you have a message to convey or wish to gain an edge with your marketing, a compelling video will do the trick. SA has produced many video documentaries, infomercials, adverts and corporate videos across many industries. We have the equipment and capability to take on any size video project.

Interactive Presentation

Actions they say, speak louder than words and a good presentation makes a hell of an impression!. Harness the power of motion picture, sound and interaction to drum home your point in the most cutting edge fashion possible. SA can produce immersive keynotes, data driven simulations, architectral walkthroughs and many other rich media presentations.


With years of expertise and knowledge in bringing media projects to life, we have the capacity and skill to bring your dream project to reality. From Animation, to radio, to film there is no media based production we cannot not see through.