Branding, the art of
identity creation


The fundamental platform of any brand is its visual design. Your logo is always the first contact with the world of potential clients and good design communicates good value. Good design may not always be “appealing” as that is subjective but it is more importantly "Recognisable”, “Memorable” & “Representative”.
Good design “speaks”! and at SA the ultimate goal is to create brands that speak well.

Print Production

Even in an increasingly digital world, we cannot get away from the power of a piece of well printed documentation. The quality of your call card, letterhead or business profile is a testament to the value of your business and can’t be overlooked. Make sure the quality of your print matches the quality of your design.
SA has a fully equiped digital press capable of producing excellent print stationary including: Brochures, Manuals, Letterheads, Call cards, Folders and much more

Signage & Vehicle branding

Your sign says a lot about you, not just *who* you are but *how* you are. It’s your premier brand ambassador and the determinant of a potential clients first impression of you. Your car/bus/van/truck is your mobile signage and speaks about you also. Make sure your ambassadors are representing you properly.